Sick Truth About Fire Marshal Who Shut Down Trump Rally Revealed

The amount of people at campaign rallies for the presidential elections comes up as a topic of debate from time to time. Some have argued that Hillary Clinton events were over-hyped while Bernie Sanders events were jam packed yet the media rarely reported on it. Same goes for Trump. Many point out that far more people go than don’t.

Thousands of Donald Trump supporters were turned away from his rally on Friday in Columbus, Ohio. Now people are starting to think it had more to do with politics than with public safety.

Which is likely the case.

Just look how people responded on social media,

The event took place at the Greater Columbus Convention Center which is a place that can seat up to 4,000 people. However, Levin O’Conner whose the Fire Marshall limited the size of the event to a mere 1,000 people.

Donald Trump himself was not happy at all with what went down and he made that clear when he pointed out the fire Marshall was playing dirty politics. In all likelihood that probably is not too far from the truth itself.

The Fire Marshall is part of an administration in Columbus that’s run by Democrats and the Mayor of Columbus, Andrew Ginther, is a staunch liberal. Just days before the rally the mayor had campaigned for none other than democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. It’s no coincidence that days later Hillary’s opponent has supporters shut out of rallies. At least not if you have half a brain.

Trump’s events are selling out and Clinton is scared straight. This is just another one of her common corrupt antics we all know her to pull. With the election just 100 days away she will likely try and pull more and more dirty tricks to win the nomination. After all she stole the election from Bernie so doing it to Trump is a no-brainer for her.

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