SICK: US Marine Held in Iran MOCKED by His Captors Over What Obama Just Did to Him

U.S. President Barack Obama laughs during the White House Correspondents Association Dinner in Washington

From the Conservative Tribune: President Barack Hussein Obama thought it important to trade five seasoned Taliban militants for the return of accused traitor Bowe Bergdahl.

But when in comes to Marine Corps veteran Amir Hekmati, Obama apparently just doesn’t care.

Hekmati has been sitting in an Iranian prison since 2011, when he was arrested while visiting his ill grandmother. He was subsequently sentenced to death in January 2012 for “espionage, waging war against God and corrupting the Earth.”

Yet not once since that time has Obama mentioned Hekmati’s name or made any serious attempt to secure his release.

However, when it comes to journalist Jason Rezaian, who too is imprisoned in Iran, Obama had no difficulty uttering his name at the incestuous White House Correspondents’ Dinner this past weekend.

And so because Obama mentioned Rezaian at the dinner but not Hekmati, the imprisoned Marine Corps veteran was reportedly forced to endure taunting and mockery from his Iranian guards.

This has greatly upset Hekmati’s family, who for the life of them cannot understand why Obama continually chooses to ignore him.

“Why has President Obama yet to utter the name Amir Hekmati?” his sister, Sarah, wrote in an emotional letter addressed to the White House.

She continued, “Why on days significant for Amir — Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day, the anniversary of his death sentence, the anniversary of his imprisonment — President Obama cannot say the name Amir Hekmati out loud, but he can say it for Jason Rezaian and he can say it for Pastor Abedini?”

Pastor Saeed Abedini is also currently incarcerated in Iran, and Obama mentioned him at the National Prayer Breakfast earlier this year.

There really is no legitimate reason why Obama would choose to ignore Hekmati, which is probably why his administration refuses to offer a straightforward explanation.

And so Hekmati, who according to his sister “has already been mistreated, abused and tortured,” must continue rotting in an Iranian prison, knowing full well that “the president he voted for has left him behind.” (H/T WZ)

It’s beyond shameful, but it’s pretty much par for the course of this president’s treatment of U.S. veterans.

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