Sickening Scene Where 65-Year-Old Gets Decked By Black Thugs Playing Knockout Game (VIDEO)

A stranger played a knockout gamed that delivered a barbaric sucker punch to a 65 year old man that led to his hospitalization. Their is video footage of the tragic incident which shows the man, who remains anonymous, blindsided with a blow to the face.

The man was walking down Joralemon Street in Brooklyn Heights, New York when a group of three men and one woman start stalking him. The victim can be seen by the camera and one of the men in the group increases his speed and starts jogging towards the victim before sucker punching him.

The elderly man goes tumbling over a short fence and into the bushes because of the force of the blow. The impact  broke his glasses. Bystanders continued walking past the attack as it took place and seemed completely unfazed by the act of violence.

Law enforcement officers were called and went to the scene at 11:15 p.m. Where they found the elderly victim suffering from a cut to the left eye. An NYPD statement indicates the elderly man was transported to a nearby hospital for his treatment and later released the same day.

The local authorities have not been able to figure out the identity of the perpetrators and have now released the video footage to the public in order to seek help in finding the culprit of the attack. He has been described by authorities as an adult African American male who is approximately 5-foot-10 and weighs about 160 pounds. He was last seen wearing a white T-shirt and black sneakers reportedly. The NYPD is also asking for information on the bystanders and passerbys who are described as either black or Hispanic.

Unfrotunately, the degradation of our youth continues as they lose more and more respect for human beings and the elderly. A sickening example of the effect the Ibama administration has had on our country.

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