This Sign’s Message About Veterans Should be Seen by EVERY Voter


vetlistA poster was recently spotted at an anti-Obama rally.

Now, the message is quickly going viral — and liberals are going to hate it.

The homemade sign boldly stated: “Vets Dying on Waitlists – Illegals Get Billions!”

The poster, of course, is a reference to White House scandals involving the Department of Veterans Affairs and illegal amnesty.

One look at how the president has handled those two events reveals the troubling truth about his priorities.

Since 2008, Obama reportedly knew that there were major problems at the VA.

Evidence shows that incredibly long “waitlists” prevented American military veterans from receiving the healthcare they needed.

Former soldiers died as a result.

Those tragic deaths could have been prevented.

Unfortunately, it appears that their own Commander in Chief ignored the problem and even tried to cover it up.

The failure of the Obama administration to provide life-saving medical care to veterans is outrageous by itself.

However, it is even more grievous when contrasted against the president’s push for illegal amnesty.

With one stroke of his pen, Barack Obama sidestepped Congress and granted amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. 

The problem goes beyond just amnesty.

Obama’s executive order also provides work permits and even social security numbers to many aliens in the country illegally.

Liberals have stated that providing healthcare for illegal immigrants is another major objective.

Why did Barack Obama stand by and do nothing while American veterans died, yet fast-track a special program for illegal aliens without even waiting for Congress?

The likely answer is both clear and disturbing.

One group is viewed with disdain by the president. Meanwhile, the other is seen as a source of liberal votes.

It is time for Americans to hold the president responsible for abandoning veterans, while giving lawbreakers the VIP treatment.

Courtesy of Conservative Tribune

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