(Mad World News) A bearded Texas man cloaked in Islamic garb has been on a mission throughout the Lone Star state to publicly proclaim his support for the ISIS militant group in some very conspicuous ways. He then takes his photo propaganda to social media for all the world to see extremism is alive and well in America.

Adam Abdulrahman is making the FBI’s job of searching for signs of ISIS allegiance within the country’s borders very easy — although there seems to be a lack of action on Abdulrahman despite this time of high alert. A FBI spokeswoman said they know all about Abdulrahman, adding, “We were made aware of the social media reports of that individual.”

Abdulrahman, who has dubbed himself “Houston Baghdadi,” has been spotted wearing ISIS militant garb around town and staging instant photo opportunities in public places. Many poses include him pairing the American flag alongside the ISIS flag, according to witnesses of his debauchery who posted about it on Texas A&M’s online forum for students.

The pictures are seemingly meant to be a message to others, part of which is his personal critique of American Culture,while testing the limits both of the First Amendment and of his fellow Texans’ tolerance. Some even consider Abdulrahman to be an ISIS performance artist of some sort, as noted on Vocativ.

Sinister ISIS Efforts Popping Up All Over Texas, Tracing Back To One Man
It seems as though the “Houston Baghdadi” has stepped up his jihadist game throughout October by plastering the town with white-and-black ISIS stickers. The flags have been found on memorials, city vehicles, grocery store checkout machines and many other items. Of course his sticky conquests are promoted by him on Twitter and YouTube.

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Abdulrahman grew up in the Midwest and claims to have ancestors from Palestine. He says he’s an “Islamic caliphate state fact reporter,” while also describing himself as a married college student majoring in engineering management at a Texas University.

If Abdulrahman-the-wannabe-Baghdadi thinks he’s such a hardened extremist, he should leave our country he loves to hate and fight alongside ISIS in Syria. While passively posting sticky notes and taking selfies for social media is a creative way for him to spend his time and feel like he’s fulfilling his terrorist duty, he’s too much of a coward to actually put his ISIS sticker where his mouth is.

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