Sister Of Slain Baton Rouge Police Officer Speaks Out…

In less than two weeks, nutjobs motivated by the Black Lives Matter movement have taken eight police officers to the grave.

The first shooter was more anti-white than anti-cop, while the second was more anti-cop than anti-white. The first shooter expressed a desire to “kill white people… especially white cops,” while one of the second shooter’s victims was a black officer.

Tragedies like this will only continue if the vile anti-police rhetoric of groups like Black Lives Matter continues to spread, and the sister of the fallen black officer is now speaking out.

Via Chicks On The Right

Unaware that her brother had died, Joycelyn Jackson arrived at an afternoon church service after the pastor had been informed of Jackson’s death by her other brother, the Washington Post reports.

When the pastor asked other churchgoers to direct their prayers to her family, she was devastated to realize what had happened. ‘I didn’t want to break down in church, but it was just something I couldn’t hold,’ she said.

‘It’s coming to the point where no lives matter, whether you’re black or white or Hispanic or whatever.’

It’s not hard to see why groups like Black Lives Matter are so offended when you remind them that All Lives Matter. Based on the kind of violence they’re inspiring, they certainly don’t think that all lives do matter.

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