Six Arizona Students Wore T-Shirts That Implied a Racial Slur… Fallout Ensues

But it’s completely acceptable when it’s a rich black hip hop artist saying it… Black Privilege!

via USMC: A group of Arizona High School Students were photographed in T-Shirts that spelled out a racial slur. The photo went nearly viral on social media, and enraged parents and school officials.

Desert Vista High School – Tempe Union High School District

NBC reported,

The picture was taken the day of the annual panoramic yearbook picture for seniors. Students are allowed to wear pre-approved shirts with lettering or messages. The offensive configuration of letters and symbols did not appear in the panoramic picture, nor did any faculty member see or approve the display. But another photo shows a larger group of students wearing similar shirts with a different message, “Best you ever seen class of 2016.”


The school district quickly condemned the action, and said that the girls made a “poor decision.”


The discussion under that tweet was interesting. The School District gave the girls a 5 day suspension. Some of the black responders to the incident said that it was “insulting” that the girls only received 5 days. Most of the media asked if the word “nigger” had “lost its meaning with the youth.” But that’s not the issue.

What’s the bottom line? Lack of Respect

The question needs to be asked here, and since no one else is going to ask it I will: has American become so polarized from the constant complaints by special interests, that the kids are just reflecting the anger in their own hearts? Are they tired of being put down and blamed for everything in all of history?

Respect is missing from American society at this point. Every age bracket fails to respect their elders, our military, other races, etc.  Everyone wants their own way and they are willing to be disrespectful and nasty to get it.

And we can whine about the actions of these kids, which are bad, by the way, but it is a sign of what is happening on BOTH sides of the debate. When white people are browbeaten and called derogatory terms by blacks across the country, it’s no wonder that a backlash occurred.

Actions speak much louder than words. When everyone begins to treat each other with respect, things will change. Until then, it may get far worse before it gets better.

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