SIXTY-TWO ISIS Attackers & ‘Plotters’ In A Year – More Than Half Were Hillary’s Refugees

ISIS, is what we call our modern day bad guys. They are terrorists that do what terrorists do best…terrorize. They recruit worldwide. So far ISIS has managed to recruit people from 90 different countries. That is terrifying, for so many reasons.

That’s not all that makes them bad guys though. To compare Al-Qaeda to ISIS one could say that ISIS is too extreme for Al-Qaeda, and that’s saying a lot. Just a little over a year ago, Obama himself considered ISIS to be a JV team in comparison to Al-Qaeda.

Here’s a quote from that time…

“if a jayvee (junior varsity) team puts on Lakers uniforms that doesn’t make them Kobe Bryant”.

So to us as Americans, it was clear that the U.S didn’t consider ISIS nearly as dangerous as the more well known terrorist organization Al-Qaeda.

Strangely enough, at the same time Obama made this statement Al-Qaeda was in a bit of a feud with ISIS, because ISIS was considered too extreme for Al-Qaeda.

Basically, the violence ISIS loved to terrorize people with was to bloody. So bloody that it even disturbed a whole other terrorist organization. The terrorist organization responsible for 9/11 !! Scared of ISIS!? This is a huge problem…

ISIS has become well known for their signature move. Beheading. It has literally become their branding tool. That and their well-known propaganda videos. ISIS looks and makes very stupid mistakes, but sadly…evil does not need intelligence to be effective. Those that have what they believe to be a religious reason to do what they do and feel like it is their mission on earth to accomplishment…is a very powerful enemy.

Why? Because they fear nothing thinking Allah is on their side to help them complete their mission.

Now, since this ridiculous statement from Obama, in just over a year there has been 62 ISIS plots alone in the United States. It’s important to know as well, that over half were immigrants or their children.

Sadly, at least 13 of them were actual Americans that converted to Islam.

Among this 13, there is a former cheerleader and even the son of a senior Boston police officer.

Many of them are awaiting trial and were caught through FBI sting operations.

We have a problem. Unlike what Obama thinks, ISIS is absolutely not a JV team….

They are the all-star of terrorists.

We need to start taking this seriously…someone please get that memo to Obama.

On second thought, forget Obama. Can’t trust him, can’t trust Hillary who plans to increase refugee immigration by over 500%…either.

So who can you trust?

Who DO you trust?

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