SKANKS FOR HILLARY: Jennifer Lopez Wears Thong and Shakes A*S On Stage For Crooked Hillary

Boy, this whole Hollywood in bed with democrats and politics is so ridiculously insane that if you think about it too long, one could lose their freaking mind. None of it makes sense.

I really want to believe that America has not become so shallow that they are willing to bet their political preference on some booty shaking, chest flashing, BLOW J*B offering Hollywood “stars” that have no problem belittling their talent for a Hillary vote. It’s really an insult. They want votes for Hillary so they are going to offer their bodies…because they believe Americans are that type of scum.

What does that say about their candidate who then walks on stage with them? ‘I’m voting for Hillary and I’m going to sell you my body, so you’ll vote for her too!’ Followed by Hillary walking on stage and talking about stuff she stands for like “women’s rights” …stating women are not SEX OBJECTS ???

HAHA! Really?

Anyhow…here’s the latest filthy attempt at getting Hillary votes.

A special act from Lopez for Hillary. The woman, Michelle Obama said should raise our children…and set the example for our daughters, yes, she was referring to Hillary Clinton. The same Hillary Clinton who has made this these kind of acts, part of her run for President.

Here, are a few more of “Hillary Clinton’s” role models…



She said, and I QUOTE:
“If you vote for Hillary Clinton, I will give you a blowjob. OK?” the 58-year-old Rebel Heart singer told an audience at New York’s Madison Square Garden Tuesday night. “I’m really good. I’m not a douche, and I’m not a tool. I take my time, I have a lot of eye contact, and I do swallow.”

Then let us not forget Miss Katy Perry…who calls herself an example for CHILDREN! She stripped NAKED for Hillary.


There you go my fellow Americans. THIS is Hillary’s ‘swag team’ for her Presidential race. Somehow, it’s not the policies or America itself that is important when you’re running for President…it’s which Hollywood trick you can get to put a show on to take their clothes off.


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