Slain Cop’s Body Cam Shows The Split Seconds A Cop Has To Respond To A Threat


A body cam video depicts how little time a rookie Arizona cop had to react when questioning a man who suddenly pulled a gun on the 24-year-old officer who later died of gunshot wounds.

The video released by Flagstaff police shows the moments just before a domestic violence suspect fired at Officer Tyler Stewart late last month but not the shooting itself, KSAZ-TV reported. The man who pulled the .22 caliber revolver took his own life after shooting Stewart, the station added.

Stewart knocked on the door of a residence Dec. 27 and walked outside with Robert Smith, 28, a suspect in a domestic violence call. Stewart and Smith were seen on the clip calmly chatting; Smith didn’t appear agitated, even smiling a few times.


—Courtesy of The Blaze

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