Slavery Reparations Group: If White People Don’t Pay, We’re Coming to Get It (Video)


Can someone explain to me how reparations for slavery make any sense?

Why should anyone pay for the 1.4 percent of Americans who owned slaves over 150 years ago. Not only did you not benefit from slavery in any way — most Americans didn’t — and those who did saw all the wealth created by slavery destroyed by the Civil War. And how exactly would reparations for slavery work logistically? My ancestors didn’t come here until the 1930s, so would I be exempt as I don’t have any connection to slavery down my family tree? And what about blacks who are the descendants of other blacks who came to America after slavery was abolished – will they get reparations? Will descendants of black slave owners be forced to pay reparations? And what about people who are bi-racial? Are they only eligible for fifty percent?

Sure, groups like Black Lives Matter demand reparations for “past and continuing harms to African-Americans,” but do you really think the crazies in BLM are the ones to be passing judgement on what these harms are? These are people who will cry “white supremacy” faster than the subject of a particular children’s story cries wolf. I’m assuming that violence by police is something for which they’ll demand reparations, but do whites also get reparations since there are more whites killed by police than blacks? Who knows.

When questions like that are unanswerable, you’d think that the kind of people who support reparations must be insane. Yeah – you’d be completely right about that.

Via GOP The Daily Dose

Well, if there was a black Hitler, I think we now know what he’d look like.

It appears that the continual demand from these types of ideologues is “we want free stuff, and we want it now.” The problem is that others in society take this non-sense seriously, though it really is doubtful that anyone in this video actually thinks that they personally should pay for the demanded reparations. But liberals always appear to feel good by feeling guilty, and this is no exception.