Small Children Hear the National Anthem, What they Do Next DESTROYS Colin Kaepernick! (VIDEO)

What happens when the National Anthem plays? What do you do? What were you taught to do? Why do you do it?

Here’s a video of children showing Colin Kaepernick to respect the American Flag, which to him, should be the symbolic reason that he’s a millionaire.

We’re teachers to children, but sometimes they teach us.

Kaepernick is a million dollar quarterback. Earns money playing the same game that kids play in parking lots, fields, and alleys.

He wanted to make a point, which is fine, but he should’ve done it on his own time and he didn’t need to disrespect the American Flag and everyone who stands by this great nation.

I don’t think athletes should be role models, because that’s a parents job. However, we can’t ignore the fact that many kids look up to people like Colin Kaepernick. Plenty of California kids, teens, and adults probably had Colin’s jersey on the day he dissed America over some made up mainstream racism nonsense.

And I bet everyone who wore his jersey that day were embarrassed, upset, and insulted. Couldn’t he make one of those cheesy YouTube videos where people hold up index cards while some sappy Sarah McLaughlin song plays in the background that reminds us of the sad dog commercials?

Nah. Kaepernick wanted to go big, but this BIG was actually a misfire. It’s reported that about 1/3 of the television viewers of NFL games have boycott the league until the athletes stop insulting the American Flag and our great people.

Kaepernick’s talking about oppression, but parking lots near football stadiums are charging $40-80+ to park for a few hours during a game in which the tickets are often over $100.

I think I know where the real oppression comes from, and it’s not race related. It’s the NFL. The pricing to take a family to a football game is insane. You have to donate an organ every time you go to a game just to be able to afford the day.

Then you get inside and a nasty parking lot lite beer is $8+? I can buy a case of beer for $24 and chug it in the parking lot, or one beer in the stadium for $8 and watch Kaepernick get on people’s nerves.

Give me a break.

If there’s any oppression going on, Mr. Kaepernick, it’s the league you play for oppressing the hard working American’s with this absurd pricing so that it can pay fools like you way too much money to insult the people who put cash towards your check.

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