As progressive leftists, and their leftstream media enablers excuse all sorts of violent criminality in Ferguson and in major cities across America, in order to further their political agenda, comes this video which shows that Michael Brown’s stepfather, Louis Head, standing on the stage in Ferguson, Missouri, wasn’t exactly spontaneous.

Newly discovered words from Louis Head caught on video just prior to his standing on stage screaming, “Burn this bi*ch down!” which preceded the mass arson that tragically burned dozens of Ferguson business to the ground, Head can be seen and heard clearly saying in front of the stage where his wife, Michael Brown’s mother is speaking:

“If I get up there, I’m gonna start a riot.”

Watch and listen at the 0:16 second mark. Head can be seen towards the bottom left of the screen, wearing a white stocking cap, saying the above words.

Head is under investigation for inciting a riot.


Courtesy of TPNN

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