President Barack Obama has received the SNL treatment with a sketch that took aim at his executive order vetoing Congress to secure the protection of at least five million immigrants from deportation.

The Bill from the educational series Schoolhouse Rock! arrives at Capitol Hill to explain to a student the route he makes through Congress.

But the lesson is disrupted by a calm, collected and smiling Obama who kicks him down the steps – before introducing a very laid back Executive Order.

Smoking a cigarette, Executive Order explains he is used for simple things, like declaring holidays and creating national parks.

That is until Obama reveals he will be used to grant amnesty to millions of immigrants.

‘Whoa… Go hard or go home, right?’ the flummoxed Executive Order remarks to the camera.

The president then asks the student what he thinks about politics.

‘I think I want to go into the private sector,’ the boy remarks.

‘Me too,’ Obama replies with a knowing grin.

The sketch comes amid a furious backlash against the president’s broadcast to the nation on Thursday, announcing work permits for migrants.

And analysts claim the policy – which has been months in the making – will not have the full economic benefits that widespread reforms passed through Congress would have delivered.

White House sources claim Obama wanted to make the announcement by the end of the summer but was blocked by Democrats fearing it could derail election hopes for candidates in conservative states.

Previously executive orders were used for simple things like announcing holidays and national parks

Courtesy of Daily Mail

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