Snoop Dogg’s Nephew Says He’s Going To Pimp Out Melania – Gets Shocking Surprise Seconds Later!

While it’s no secret that the ever tolerant liberals have it out for President Trump but recent events have shown us just what kind of lengths some of them dream of going to. The irate left has now broken free of their “safe spaces” and made it clear that they want to make the space around Donald Trump and his family very dangerous.

Beginning the day after the election when Madonna said she wish she could blow up the White House, the rest of the liberal community has picked up the torch and decided that violence is, indeed, the answer.

Rapper Snoop Dogg had time to consider and decided it would be ok to depict himself shooting a clown version of Donald Trump in his latest music video.  President Trump replied to it with this Tweet, asking an excellent question:

Snoop Dogg’s nephew, a child star who had a brief brush with fame, “Bow Wow,” responded to the POTUS’s tweet with this absolutely vulgar and uncalled for threat.

Firstly, where does this little punk get off thinking he can threaten vile and brutal acts against the First Lady?

And secondly, is this little jerk actually admitting to the Commander in Chief that he and his uncle are pimps? Somebody tell me I’m reading that wrong.

There is also a third and fourth and fifth (etc) but I’m going to let a few of the tweet’s replies speak for me.

What he said.^^

And my personal favorite.

We can only hope and pray that someone high up in the government takes this golden opportunity to try and scare this insignificant puny delinquent straight. May the odds be ever in your favor little man, you’re going to need them.

One last bring spot before you go. I guess there really is no great tragedy without some small gain.

(Source: Yes I’m Right)

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