Snotty Cheerleaders Get Devastating Dose Of Karma After Making Elderly WWII Vets Cry

I was having a pretty decent day, then I saw this story. Now I just want to ship a few disrespecting, idiot kids to war to defend their freedoms on their own.

Guarantee, they won’t be coming back trying to take a knee during the National Anthem. If they make it back at all…bunch of self-righteous, self-absorbed, entitled brats. I doubt they can even manage getting themselves dressed in the morning, let alone fighting a war.

This story needs to go viral for one reason, and one reason only. These kids and their school leader need to feel the BACKLASH for their stupidity.

They thought they could quietly pull this nasty act of cowardice off in silence, but word is getting around now, and Americans are pissed. On September 30th, 12 cheerleaders took the field at Cornell High School in Pittsburgh, and decided they wanted to join the bandwagon and take a knee during the national anthem.

They are kids…of course they want to do what they can to get attention, even if it means making complete asses of themselves over a stand that they don’t even truly believe in.

Everyone and their dog seems to be taking a knee these days, thanks to Kaepernick so this story doesn’t at first sound any different from the other numerous incidents that are being reported around the nation.


They upgraded from idiots to DIRTBAGS when they decided to invite WW2 Veterans to their game from their local community then proceeded to take a knee after making sure they were RIGHT BESIDE these vets.

It was an emotional sight for these vets to witness, and some shed tears.

The very people who willingly risked their lives and their comrades who gave their lives so these cheerleaders could even have the freedom in the first place to be pricks…is something their little minds can’t fathom.

The Superintendent of the school, Aaron Thomas, invited these veterans to the game, and had only ONE thing to say afterwards…

Something about the kids pulling off this jackass move providing an opportunity for discussion within the walls of their school.

Really? He’s sees this as an opportunity for discussion?

Ship him off and put him on the frontlines…right now!

They just don’t get it. Their stand is based on fabricated information, created through the incorrect perception of sensitive cry babies. They are doing nothing but showing just how much our country has fallen from the foundation of truth.

Check out this video that was put together by journalist, Sarah Slayer.

At the very end she gives an opportunity for you to voice your feelings on what these cheerleaders and their Superintendent did. They dishonored our heroes…

Do your worst.

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