24 Hrs After Inauguration , Everyone Notices What Michelle Snuck Into Every Photo Taken Of Her!

The days activities for the inauguration went off without a hitch. Everything went according to plan and now we have President Trump and Vice President Pence. Former President Obama and Vice President Biden were most well known for their hysterical online memes that picked fun at their friendship. But the inauguration showed that it was former First Lady Michelle Obama who has the best memes.

Look here at former First Lady Michelle Obama’s reaction when the now First Lady Melania Trump gave her a Tiffany & Co. gift.

e331b551-32d6-4cd1-8154-b601606c724b-714-000000a28b467b27_tmpThe jokes were never ending as pictures from the day of Michelle Obama went viral over the Internet. People made funny jokes about her side eye and facial expressions when greeting the new First Family and while standing prior to the swearing in. See some of those jokes here,

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Michelle Obama has gone out of her way since the presidential election to speak to the media and make a point of recognizing that she and her husband would do everything in their power to make as smooth of a transition as is humanly possible for the incoming administration. The formerly First Lady had previously noted how welcoming and gracious the Bush family was upon their arrival on Pennsylvania Avenue.

There are also added nuances that make Michelle’s looks all the more interesting. First Lady Melania Trump had stolen sentences from Michelle Obama’s former speeches during her summer speech at the Republicans National Convention in Ohio. And the Obamas had been vociferous in their denouncement of Trump and his campaign. Making it all the more entertaining seeing how the Trumps and the Obamas interacted on Inauguration Day.

While the Obamas are out of office we will always have the memes and the photos to wildly entertain us. Surely, there will be more to come.

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