SO MUCH FOR FREEDOM: No More Uber in Kansas as New Restrictive Ride-Sharing Law Goes Into Effect


And we call our country free?

From IJReview: People living in the state of Kansas will no longer have the luxury of calling for an Uber ride, whether it’s after a late night of drinking or when they need a lift to the airport.

On Tuesday, the state senate voted to override Gov. Sam Brownback’s veto on a bill imposing strict regulations on ride-sharing companies.

Popular service Uber sent a message to its users Tuesday afternoon:

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To remain in business in the Sunflower State, Uber would have to follow certain regulations, including mandatory background checks for drivers and a requirement that drivers purchase auto insurance coverage beyond the $1 million Uber offers.

The Associated Press reported the company had been operating in Kansas City and Wichita, with plans to expand to four other communities after Brownback’s original veto of the bill in April.

Since Uber launched in 2009, government agencies worldwide have tried to restrict, or block, the ride-sharing service and competitors, like Lyft and Sidecar. In the United States — Eugene, Oregon and the state of Nevada have successfully banned Uber from servicing customers.

Several others cities have suspended service:

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