Social Justice Warrior Gets Slapped In Face At Trump Protest – Cries (VIDEO)

I believe this qualifies as the daily feel good story.

The media has made a big fuss over violence at Donald Trump’s rallies – yet they never seem to mention that it’s liberals instigating that violence. If you’ve been craving for Trump’s protestors to finally get a taste of their own medicine, look no further.

The events in the video below transpired at a Trump protest in Boston the other day. Not much information is available about this incident, but I spotted a number of SEIU signs, meaning the protest was likely Soros funded. One Trump supporter had been caught up in the crowd, who was chanting “Whose City? Our City.”

He replied “Trump City!” to one of the protestors, who slapped him… then was promptly punched in the face.

Did he deserve the slap? If you look closely, it does appear that the Trump supporter spit on the Soros stooge first… and he did make himself look like a bit of an idiot when he paraded himself around afterward.

Maybe both of these individuals are just idiots. Still, it’s always satisfying to watch one of these vermin get a well deserved unexpected response…

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