Somali Muslim Refugee Just Entered City Council Race In Des Moines, Iowa For Disturbing Reason

A Somali Muslim Refugee is running for City Council in Des Moines, Iowa, to further the Islamization of that city and doom it once and for all with Sharia law. His name is Abshir Omar and he’s connected to CAIR, who is linked to terror, and he’s ready to win! He also, reportedly, loves Black Lives Matter scumbags and Antifa losers.

That’s right folks! If you’re living in Des Moines, Iowa, and you’re just sitting back watching this happen and complaining, but not getting off the couch and running for office or rallying support for your candidate, then you better get used to Sharia Law, because it might be coming into your existence after the City Council election. In other words, you’re about to become a Muslim and you don’t even know it.

Abshir Omar has only lived in Des Moines since 2012. He was born in Somalia and his family fled to Kenya, then he received a refugee visa and lived in Seattle. He went to Iowa State University and became the Iowan chapter President for the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR).

Sadly, CAIR has reportedly been linked to terror groups, so that’s something people should keep an eye on. His alleged lust for Black Lives Matter and Antifa mean he certainly doesn’t make smart decisions because both of those groups are compromised of the losers in society who don’t actually think about what they’re doing, because if they ever used their brains for something, then they wouldn’t be wasting their time with nonsense. They would accomplish something once in a while. Something other than being arrested, beat up, or laughed at.

Abshir Omar, a Somali refugee and Democratic Socialist, announced June 20 his campaign for Christine Hensley’s Des Moines City Council seat.

The Ward III seat represents downtown and the city’s southwest side.

He’s going to win if the voters don’t come out and support their candidate. Don’t expect him to lose if voters sit home playing with their fidget spinners. You can’t change the people in office without voting or running for office yourself. Your vote is your weapon.

Omar, a Des Moines resident since 2012, was born during the Somalian civil war, fled with his family to a refugee camp in Kenya and, after being approved for a refugee visa, settled in Seattle, according to a news release.

I wonder if they were friends with the Obama family. I heard they were from Kenya. Low blow?

He attended Iowa State University and is president of the Iowa chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations, the release states. He has also served on the United States Student Association board and as vice president and founder of the Renton Teacher Academy Foundation, it states.

I don’t like his association with CAIR, but the rest seem fine. He went to a state college and does things for education – nothing wrong with either of those career moves. It’s just that tie to CAIR that should bother people. They’re not the best organization.

The release notes Omar’s goals of representing youth, seniors and diverse communities on the council, and ambitions “to help build a brighter future for people whether they are fleeing persecution or poverty.”

“I want ensure that the city of Des Moines is prioritizing the needs of all its residents and not just the corporate establishment,” it reads.

Yeah, yeah, yeah – that’s what everyone says. It’s always about the people until you get the job, then you’re just another politician like everyone else. The difference here is the CAIR association and that’s explicitly why people should rally in support of any opponent that he’s up against. If people don’t vote or show support, then they can’t complain about who wins the seat at City Council.

Don’t come crying about who wins if you sat on the sofa watching reruns of Family Guy. Nope. Don’t want to hear it. I don’t live in Des Moines, so I can’t help vote for you.

Hensley, a councilwoman of 24 years, announced in April that she won’t run for re-election for the seat.

24 years is a long time for anyone to hold any position in government. Hate to say it, but there needs to be term limits on everything. On the contrary, if the people loved her that much to keep her for 24 years, then maybe term limits are over-rated?

Regardless, if you live in Des Moines, then make sure you vote.

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