HUGE Swarm Of Somali Muslims Just Swarmed Minnesota Caucus – BLOODY Chaos Ensues

Somalian refugees settled into an overcrowded building for the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party and it only took a few minutes for them to remind us why we should not accept any more refugees in America. The mass amount of Minnesota Somalis began pushing, shoving, and causing bloody chaos in the building. It was so bad that authorities shut it down. People were bleeding, screaming, and having medical emergencies.

The pandemonium was so bad in the crowded gymnasium that people were bleeding all over the floor and others scrambled to clean it up while people tried to calm the Somalian storm. Sounds like they all had a really fun time beating each other senseless, but I’m glad I missed it.

This is why we can’t have nice things. I didn’t think I would find a city that sounds worse than Chicago or Dearbornistan, but Minneapolis sure sounds like the equivalent of a Taco Bell toilet that hasn’t been flushed for 30 years.

Is this really the type of behavior that Minnesotans want in their state?

Via WND:

In the Somali-dominated sixth ward, hundreds of Somali refugees packed a small gymnasium Tuesday for a caucus and things quickly devolved into pandemonium. Emergency personnel eventually intervened and shut down the event amid calls for calm by city council candidates.

Shoving matches and medical emergencies resulted from crowding at the Brian Coyle Community Center, where more than 400 people crammed into the building’s small gymnasium.

The democrats have a horrid love affair with refugees because the refugees come to America and they become poor people. Democrats love pandering to poor people for votes. Then the democrats keep the poor people poor. If the poor people become middle or upper class, then they vote for republicans. The only way democrats can win an election is by importing more poor people, aka, refugees, and then begging them for votes with a glimpse of hope or a free cell phone.

Democrats don’t have anything else worth voting for these days. Whatever good they did has gone out the window with their refugee love and ability to get offended by everything.

People are tired of refugees, tired of democrats, and we just want our hilariously offensive America to grow some guts and start doing things the right way.

What’s the right way? Stop helping refugees and start helping Americans who need it. Fix your home before you fix everyone else.

I would also like every democrat politician to let a family of refugees live with them for a month. Let’s see how long that lasts.

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