Watch The Moment Somali Pirates Hijack Cargo Ship – They NEVER Expected These Armed Badass Americans To be Onboard

Now, this is just pure unadulterated fun. Footage has surfaced on Youtube which shows a cargo ship off the coast of Somalia in an attempted hijacking by “Religion of Peace” member Somali Pirates.

The video appears to show a tanker which is being attacked by Somali Pirates aboard speedboats which are trying to rush the tanker and board it. They can’t believe what happens to them as they are getting close to completing their task.

As they attempt to board the tanker they are swiftly greeted by paid private security contractors wielding sub-machine guns who quickly take aim at the Muslim scumbags. It appears the end result was one less speedboat and one which retreated. Too bad they couldn’t make it 2 for 2.


Muslim Piracy in the Indian Ocean has been a threat to the shipping industry since the second part of the Somali Civil War in the early 2000’s because you know, “Religion of Peace.” Piracy made the delivery of shipments more difficult, costing an estimated $6.6 to $6.9 billion a year in world trade according to to the global organization Oceans Beyond Piracy.

Of course, insurance rates went through the roof because of these fine young Muslims. That has made shipping in that area a lot more expensive.  The extra expense which is, of course, passed on to the consumer.

The current Somali Piracy issue started in full force in 2005. But let us not forget our 3rd President and father of the Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson, also had issues with Muslim Pirates during his presidency. This, of course, is a fact many “open minded Liberals” would rather omit from the history books. Something they have succeeded in doing by just choosing not to mention it in their history classes. Because you know, it doesn’t fit the “narrative.”

“Historian David Barton told WND Jefferson led America’s first war against radical Islam. And the author of the newly released expanded edition of the bestselling book, “The Jefferson Lies” sees many parallels between the young republic’s struggle against the Barbary Pirates and the West’s current war against Muslim terrorists.

“The one thing Thomas Jefferson showed throughout his life is that he was diligent about and intolerant of violations of individual rights,” Barton said. “Jefferson was very clear that our people and property were entitled to protection wherever they go. And he was just as diligent to protect American rights in Europe and on the high seas as he was within America.”

When Jefferson became president in 1801, the ruler of Tripoli demanded tribute, which Jefferson refused. The result was the First Barbary War.

American forces suffered a setback when the U.S.S. Philadelphia ran aground and the crew was captured. However, Stephen Decatur became an American hero when he led an effort to burn the ship so the Mussulmen, as they were then called, couldn’t use it.

Eventually, American forces were able to capture territory in the area and force a peace treaty, which freed the captured crew. The victories of these early American armed forces are immortalized by a stanza of the “Marines’ Hymn” which refers to the “shores of Tripoli.”

So as you can see Islam being at war with us is nothing new and probably will never change since this is all they are born and bred to do, kill us “Infidels.”  It’s been going on since practically our founding. But sadly today, Liberalism, might be the silver bullet which lets them finally defeat us after over 200 years of trying.

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