Someone Built This Around Donald Trump’s Hollywood Star, And It Seems To Be Working!

Donald Trump is the king of free press. If he wants to be in the news, then he’ll be in the news. And after he’s done making himself popular on TV without paying for it, there’s other people who make him even more famous.

All Trump has to do is say something that leftists think is rude, obnoxious, or not politically correct and every leftist lamer has an opinion or cries about it like it’s the worst thing in their life.

Trump is so good at getting free press that now other people do it for him. That’s called being a sucker who complains and makes other people famous.


Take for example the person who built a little tiny wall around Donald Trump’s Hollywood star. This is the funniest thing I’ve seen all day. Here’s the funniest part about it – that little wall has kept people out and off of the star.


So, if a little tiny wall around a little tiny square on the ground will keep people off and away from the star – is it possible that a wall around the border will keep illegal immigrants out?

I know it won’t keep them 100% out, but it might lower the amount by a lot. Some illegal immigrants go to really funny and extreme measures.

People will still get into America illegally, as there will always be a way. But if there’s a wall at the border, instead of a fence, then it’s just a little bit harder to climb over.

Then again, I won’t be surprised if the grappling hook sales increase ten fold. I can only imagine how many people scale the wall like ninjas and some will succeed. In fact, if someone scales the wall using a rope, then they should be allowed to participate on American Ninja Warrior. Or, Illegal Immigrant Ninja Warrior.

Badum, tiss….

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