Something Horrible Just Happened to Singer Who Wore Pro-Trump Dress at Grammys, She Needs Our Prayers!

Singer Joy Villa wore the most talked about dress since Lady Gaga wore a meat dress at the 2010 MTV Awards.

She waltzed into the 2017 Grammy Awards wearing a “Make America Great Again” dress and she looked fantastic. She flashed a huge smile and had no shame in America, herself, or anything else for that matter.

The only problems she ran into were INTOLERANT LEFTISTS who sent death threats and horrible messages via Twitter. I thought the leftists wanted us to accept them for who they are? So why can’t they accept Joy Villa for who she is?

Here is Joy Villa looking stunning in her #MAGA dress at the 2017 Grammy awards.

Here’s a few responses from the horrible leftists who refuse to practice what they preach…those intolerant swine.

Talk about being accepting! These folks sure are the bottom of the humanity barrel.

These might be the same people who are mad that Adele and her world record setting music defeated Beyonce and her generic “sounds like every other urban girl” auto-tune songs that are over marketed, yet not purchased enough by her target audience. I don’t see Beyonce with world records, do you? I don’t like Adele (her music annoys me), but can’t deny her record sales have destroyed Beyonce. That’s a fact.

When I see liberals say horrible things because Joy Villa wore a dress that they didn’t agree with, I feel really sad for them. They’re literally mentally disturbed. If Joy Villa spoke out against Hillary and said mean things that weren’t true, then this would be OK. At that point, it’s fair game. Joy wore a Trump dress and people lose their mind.

The liberals complaining about a woman’s dress are the problem and they fail to realize it…just like they fail at everything else, which is why they’re liberals. Liberals should just be called failures at this point, because that’s all they do.

They preach about being angry because no one accepts their made up genders, and no one likes their #WomensMarch filled with criminals, and people don’t want terrorist refugees – all of which are much more serious issues than what someone wears to a pointless Grammy award celebration.

God forbid a black woman wears a Trump dress and everyone loses their mind.

Are you serious?

Joy Villa looked amazing in that dress, how about you compliment her on how great she looks, opposed to bashing her for being a Trump supporter.

The Grammy’s were pointless, as they always are, but even more-so this year with the Trump bashing.

These pointless awards that no one really cares about are supposed to be fun, not political.

Leftists have ruined it, just like they try to ruin every fun pointless thing we do.

Joy Villa will be OK, but we should say a prayer for the liberals. May they one day be cured of their infinite sadness and disdain for everyone else who’s out there enjoying their life.

You CAN be happy you know. Just stop being liberal and your life will instantly improve.

Then we can crack liberal jokes together while wearing a #MAGA suit made of meat.

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