South Carolina Business Owner Told American Flag Display Violates Local Ordinance


Here’s a story that’s guaranteed to drive you crazy this Independence Day.

I get it – we have zoning ordinances for a reason, but you’d think that a slight exception could be made for an American flag of all things… but apparently now.

Bob Michaelis of the Michaelis Mattress Company in Lexington says he was asked to remove 10 American flags placed outside his business to celebrate the 4th of July. Apparently, it violates a 1999 town ordinance, that “only three flags that are not duplicates of each other can be displayed in restricted and intense development districts.”

How did that town possibly survive before it was illegal to put three American flags next to each-other? But on a serious note; who actually bothered to enforce this law, and why? How did they think the reaction would be anything but negative?

According to WISTV:

The Lexington Police Department sent word to Michaelis about the display and told him to remove the flags.

“I put them up yesterday and the city and the town of Lexington says they got to come down because there’s an ordinance in place,” Michaelis said.

Meanwhile, Michaelis says he has no intentions of removing the flags at the moment. If he is non-compliant, he could face a fine.

Good on him for not complying.

If the town actually does follow through with fining this man for simply displaying the American flag, I think they’ll find themselves in a position facing much more backlash than they could’ve ever anticipated.

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