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From Mad World News: Children attending a Wyoming school were shocked after being told they were no longer allowed to speak the only language they knew. In what the school is calling “dual-language education,” 5 and 6 years olds have effectively been banned from speaking English for half the day.

Instead, only Spanish is spoken in the classroom during the second half of the day to maximize the children’s learning potential.

Taking place at Park Elementary School in Casper, Wyoming, one of the main teachers involved with the implementation of this new policy, Saul Rodriguez, states, “The kids learn so easy and so fast, that it is just amazing. They can learn whatever, so that is not an exception with languages.”

Fellow teacher, Nicole Dundas, also added, “I just keep encouraging on my side of it as, you might not know it now, but in a few months you are going to know everything that he is saying, and how cool is that? You get to have a second language.”

Although feelings are mixed over the matter, some, such as Cassidy Lach, seem more excited over the additional learning experience for their children. While speaking with the Star-Tribune, Lach noted, “I strongly believe that knowing Spanish will give my children an opportunity and open doors for them that wouldn’t be open otherwise, and that’s our job as parents.”

Only Spanish Allowed: School Bans Kindergartners From Speaking English

Meanwhile… How far behind do these kids fall compared to those who don’t struggle with classes in a foreign language, just to appease the liberals? It is bad enough that our older youth struggle with understanding foreign instructors teaching in the universities. Any country without a common language is truly in decline and ours damn certainly is not Spanish.

What do you think – is the school just trying to optimize on the young children’s’ sponge-like brains, or could there be some other motives here?

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