SWITCHAROO: Speaker Gets To Podium, Then DESTROYS Hillary At Her Own Event! (VIDEO)

Despite the fact that Bernie Sanders sold out to the enemy for a $700,000 house that does not mean his original revolution of supporters have not.  A Bernie Sanders supporter disrupted a Hillary Clinton rally to express his disgust for the presidential democratic candidate.

It seems as though Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine cannot unite their own party despite their “best” attempts to do so. So this past Saturday a Sanders supporter was escorted out of a Clinton rally after urging attendees to not vote for Clinton for which the crowd actually cheered. The man was Kaleb Vanfosson and he is the President of the Iowa State University’s Students for Bernie chapter.

He started by bashing Trump, the republican nominee about the increasing level of student loan debt and then turned to bashing his own parties nominee by saying,

“Unfortunately, Hillary doesn’t really care about this issue either. The only thing she cares about is pleasing her donors, the billionaires who fund her campaign. The only people that really trust Hillary are Goldman Sachs, CitiGroup can trust Hillary, the military industrial complex can trust Hillary. Her good friend Henry Kissinger can trust Hillary.”

The crowd went wild with applause. He went on to say,

“She is so trapped in the world of the elite that she has completely lost grip on what it’s like to be an average person. She doesn’t care. Voting for another lesser of two evils, there’s no point.”

That is when a staffer for the Clinton campaign rushed to the stage to grab the young man and then chased him off. Watch here,

The student newspaper alleges that Vanfosson feels he was assaulted by the Clinton staffer when he was escorted out. Shannon McCarty of the Iowa State Daily said,

“Vanfosson told the Iowa State Daily that while being escorted out he was ‘basically assaulted. Vanfosson said he does have footage of the incident.”

Shortly after this incident Sanders himself came out to give a speech in support of Clinton, ironically. But he later he went to Twitter to defend some Trump supporters funny enough.

Despite the stark contrasts between Sanders and Trump they do have a lot in common. They are both anti establishment. They both have inspired a revolution of people who feel disenfranchised by the establishment. Their supporters are all angry average Americans who feel their voices are being heard. While Trump may be a sexist and a racist it does not mean that all of his supporters are. For Sanders to make these comments it does a lot to bring civility back into the political dialogue by humanizing people.

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