Special Muslim Snowflake LOSES IT When She Sees This Guy’s T-Shirt

Just when you thought snowflakes in America were bad, then there’s this pig hating Muslim lady who spouts off at someone because she doesn’t like their T-SHIRT!

And just when you thought Australia’s only problem was animals who are out to eat human beings, then think again! Australia has this rare concoction of a snowflake Muslim girl who is clearly an idiot. She looks and sounds every bit like an annoying slob. Ten bucks says she’s not even a real Muslim. I know a few Muslim girls and they’re rather light skinned and very pretty. The Muslim in this video looks like the fake black girl Muslim who only dresses the part, but doesn’t do the prayers or anything. I always thought black girls who were Muslim were just lazy and didn’t want to get their hair done or buy new clothes, so they wear those things on their head and dress like the lady in the video below.

CHicks on the Right – In this video, a Muslim woman from Perth, Australia, is having an unholy fit when she sees someone wearing a Pauline Hanson shirt. If you don’t know, Pauline Hanson is a right-wing senator in Australia who has proposed a ban on Muslim immigration in her country.

Well I don’t like the way this girl is dressed, but if I saw her in public, then you wouldn’t see me puttering off at the mouth about it. Muslim girls have the freedom to wear whatever they want. Well, not really. But you know what I mean.

I see people wearing Obama shirts all the time (again, not really), and I don’t say anything to them. They can wear whatever they want.

I see Bernie Sanders bumper stickers (not anymore), but I don’t care. I just look at the driver and think “yeah, that’s about right” when it’s some clueless looking Millennial dirtbag driving a car that screams “free college” all over it.

The Muslim girl in this video is a pig faced, loud mouthed, annoying, phony Muslim and a real Muslim should be very unhappy with her.

The only way to make me feel better about harming my tympanic membrane is to watch this equally awful video. It has a direct message for the annoying Muslim mammoth.

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