Special Operator Interrupts ISIS Child Sex Slave Party… With An Axe – It Gets A Little Messy


It is always good to hear when the military has made gains against ISIS terrorists. We all sleep a little better at night. So it was nice to hear that the media is reporting that an elite special operative soldier killed a jihadi terrorist with one single shot to the head after the suspects gun jammed.

The secret operation was specifically for the purposes of freeing young women who were being forced to wed ISIS terrorists at child brides. Women who were not yet freed and kidnapped were told that they had to cooperate or they would be raped, dipped in acid, or crucified. This is all according to senior military sources.

The intelligence officers had only heard rumors of these atrocities. All of these types of events took place in the northern part of Syria during the summer season. Petrified locals recounted the stories. Some videos of the girls being murdered and tortured were circulated as well. Which shows you the barbarity of these attacks.

Allegedly the photos and videos reduced veteran SAS and Delta Force soldiers to tears. The special force team was made up of American and British soldiers who were flown to the outskirts of a Syrian village by helicopter. The area had been overtaken by ISIS. With the support of heavy drones they attacked the village together with force for victory.


The ensuing battle and firefight took place for two hours and it is reported that the Delta Force killed around 10 ISIS terrorists while the British SAS team shot 15 of their gunmen. The British special ops used automatic grenade launchers. During the battle a drone destroyed two pick up trucks that had gunmen inside that were attempting to escape.

One terrorist was killed by an SAS officer wielding an ax. He was using the axe because his assault rifle had jammed when he came into the building and he was unable to use it. The soldier who killed the terrorist was a Iraq and Afghanistan veteran who was rapidly moving through different rooms. As the terrorist ran towards him he picked up the axe bu the handle and killed him. When all the terrorists had either been exterminated or fled they started to search for the kidnapped girls.


Over a dozen girls were found hidden in cellars and attics. An unnamed source said,

“Members of Isis had been in the area for a few months and had been rounding up pre-pubescent girls who they wanted to become jihadi brides. If the parents protested they were shot dead or beheaded. Some of the girls ran away but were captured and we received reports that they were crucified or dipped in acid and suffered the most appalling deaths. A rescue mission was launched. Up to 30 fighters were killed. Some escaped. There were no prisoners. The girls and their families were relocated from the village to northern Iraq where they have been welcomed and offered homes.”

It is always nice to know we have soldiers who are willing to fight the good fight no matter what and at whatever cost. These are our true patriots. Our real heroes who make a difference in the world and deserve our respect and applause. We have never before seen such a barbaric enemy willing to do whatever they have to to degrade human life.