Spot The Major Differences Between Egypt’s and Germany’s Women’s Beach Volleyball Teams

It’s a tale of two cultures – Olympics edition. Anyone who thinks that all cultures are equal need only look at the difference between Western and Islamic cultures to see that someone is wrong.

Ever wonder what women in strict Islamic countries wear during sports? Take a sport like volleyball for instance, where the attire, especially when played professionally, is a bit on the scantly clad side. Can you even picture a woman playing volleyball in a burka?

The imagery is comical, but as we’ve seen from Egypt’s women’s volleyball team at the Olympics, the reality isn’t too far off.

Via Young Cons

Ever wondered what the women’s beach volleyball team from Egypt wears while playing?

Of course you have.

Now, you have your answer.

While competing against the bikini-clad German squad, the Egyptians look as if they’re prepping for a blizzard…

If their women were covered, what did the “uncovered” women look like to those viewing in the Muslim world? I can’t find anything out of the Egyptian networks, but censorship of women’s bodies in sports is common in the Muslim world.

The media of course has found this story “inspirational,” because they’re all delusional and believe that something is automatically OK if it’s just from another culture.

What culture would you rather belong to? Not only is Islam anti-woman, it’s anti-fun.

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