SPREAD THIS: The Mike Brown Autopsy Report the Media REFUSED to Cover

via CT:  The county autopsy report on Michael Brown corroborated the account of the shooting given by Ferguson, Missouri, Police Officer Darren Wilson. Two independent doctors reviewed the report from St. Louis County for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, KTVI reported.

According to the report, the first shot fired from Wilson’s gun was at close range and hit Brown’s right thumb, adding weight to Wilson’s testimony that the two struggled for the gun in Wilson’s police cruiser. Previous reports confirmed that Brown’s blood was found on Wilson’s gun and uniform, as well as inside the car.

The wound on Brown’s thumb contained “microscopic matter from the barrel” of the officer’s pistol, according to the report.

Wilson’s other five shots hit Brown from the front, contradicting some witness reports that Brown had been running away from the officer when he was shot. The angle of the wound to Brown’s forehead indicated that he was either falling or lunging forward when the bullet hit him.

Michael Brown

Perhaps most importantly, the autopsy report indicated that Brown did not have his hands in the air when Officer Wilson shot him.

In addition, the county toxicology report on Brown was positive for marijuana.

The fallout from the subsequent protests and investigation have resulted in the Department of Justice weighing legal action against Ferguson over implementation of police reforms, according to NewsOne.

As the information coming out of the grand jury investigation seemed increasingly to support Officer Wilson’s version of the events of that day, it remained to be seen how the protesters in Ferguson and St. Louis, many of whom are from elsewhere, would respond to the news.

Michael Brown

Like good liberals, the protesters were not interested in truth, science, evidence or history — unless it supported their agenda.

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