BREAKING: Spy Expert Just Warned Americans About CIA’s Sinister Plans For Trump… This is Not Good!

Because of everything that has gone down during the presidential election everyone in America is a little less apt to believe what the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Central Intelligence Agency has to say. Their word and reputation are not what it once was. Now a spy expert Glenn Greenwald has gone public about what the agencies sinister plot is.

Greenwald spoke to Tucker Carlson of Fox News where he said the CIA was working very hard behind the scenes to get Secretary Hillary Clinton elected because they wanted to take a harsher stance against Russia which they felt they could only do under a Clinton administration.

Watch here,

While Trump wants peace with Russia and to have an amicable relationship the same cannot be said for Clinton. Thus, the media worked hand in hand with the Clinton administration and governmental agencies to attempt and manipulate the American people.

“Whenever it comes to national security issues, especially in a post 9-11 era… you see this incredibly close relationship between the media and the intelligences agencies. When the media serves their agenda, they get scoops, they get secret documents, they get access, and I think a lot of that is what you’re seeing on top of the fact that the media has been aligned against Trump and will side with anybody who wants to subvert him, including the CIA.”


Unfortunately, the Democratic Party has no problem with the intelligence community putting American lives at risk by sharing classified information simply because they want to subvert Trump. Yet when there is a conflict of interest or leak that does not benefit them they are more than willing to jump on the bandwagon of going after those people they don’t agree with.

However, despite their greatest efforts, they failed as President Trump will be sworn into office in less than a week.

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