People are fed up with these thugs, its only a matter of time before one gets shot by someone defending their self.

(FOX 2) St. Louis police were called to Maryland Avenue and Euclid in the Central West End around 8:45 pm Wednesday night after receiving a call for a person struck.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch photographer David Carson was at the scene and captured a photo of a man with a gun in a minivan flashing it at demonstrators marching toward the Chase Park Plaza.

Witnesses say the minivan hit several protesters in the intersection.

Police arriving on scene stopped protesters from climbing onto the minivan, but not before they broke out the rear window.

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Around 200 protesters were marching at the time in response to no indictment against a New York police officer accused of using a choke hold that killed an unarmed African-American male being questioned about selling loose cigarettes.

FOX 2 reporter Shawndrea Thomas reports emotions were running high at the time in the Central West End, with police blocking intersections for protesters to use safely. Traffic in the area was congested for a short time during the demonstration, but has since returned to normal.

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