Entire Stadium ERUPTS When They See What Broncos Player Took A Knee For On The Field

It is finally football season again, and instead of it being an exciting time it is already riddled with controversy. Several anti-American players have decided that they would continue Colin Kaepernick’s antics by taking a knee during the National Anthem. The reason behind this moronic protest is to combat “racial injustice” all while cashing million dollar checks, and last night was no exception. However, one Denver Bronco player got on one knee for an entirely different purpose that we can all get behind.

Football season is finally here and not only is it entertaining and exciting, it also is a great escape from the stresses of daily life. No one turns on the game to be preached at about how they are being politically correct or any other liberal agenda they feel like pushing. Though that is exactly how it has been since Colin Kaepernick decided that he no longer would stand during the National Anthem.

Even though Kaepernick is not playing this season many other players have decided to pick up where he left off. This, of course, has caused more controversy and angst that should not even be associated with the game. So, last night when the Denver Broncos played against the Green Bay Packers everyone braced for another protest, however, they were pleasantly surprised.

Menelik Watson, 28, is a British-born player for the Broncos took the time to propose to his longtime girlfriend Azania Stewart after the starters were taken out of the game, held at Sports Authority Field in Denver. Watson remembers seeing Stewart for the first time when he was a teenager at a basketball camp in London. Watson said that the moment he saw her knew that there was something special about her. That was years ago and because Watson lacked the confidence to approach her let her slip away. Then two years ago, the super talented athletes rekindled their relationship and the two have been an item ever since. So, on Saturday night Watson gathered all his courage and got down on one knee and the crowd went wild.

Here is more from Denver Post:

Menelik Watson first laid eyes on Azania Stewart when he was a teenager at a basketball camp in London. There was something special about her, a unique energy.

“I just didn’t have the confidence back then to say anything to her,” said Watson, the Broncos hulking right tackle.

On Saturday night, Watson found his confidence. He found it during the third quarter of a preseason game on the sidelines at Sports Authority Field at Mile High. He had been trying to spot Stewart, with whom he rekindled a relationship two years ago, but he couldn’t locate her in the crowd.

Finally, Watson saw his girlfriend standing in the front row with her friends visiting from Atlanta and California. He dropped to a knee and asked her to marry him. Stewart was stunned as curious onlookers in the stands snapped photos.

“No one knew but me,” Watson said of his in-game proposal plan.

Stewart is a professional basketball player who played for Great Britain in the 2012 Olympics in London. She played college ball at Florida and Watson, who played college football at Florida State, used to check on her stat lines, even though the two hadn’t yet reconnected.

As for whether they’re impending union will calm the rivalry born from competing at neighboring schools? Don’t count on it.

“We still compete over that stuff,” Watson said. “You talk in the future, we’ve got to figure out if we do have kids, God willing, where they’re going to go.”

Stewart, a 6-foot-5 center, is due to head overseas Sunday to begin a new season with a professional team in Latvia. So Saturday night, after Watson’s playing time for the night had ended, he made his move.

“I’m so excited,” Stewart said during an in-game TV interview. “I didn’t know anything. He surprised me.”

Watson kept the plan close to the vest. His teammates didn’t know. But they were quick to congratulate him.

“That was very cool,” Broncos quarterback Trevor Siemian said. “None of us had any idea, really. That was a surprise for sure. I can’t say I was expecting that or have seen that before. But I’m happy for them both, obviously.”

Watson wanted to propose to his lady love before she went back to London for the start of the basketball season. Since it was Stewart’s first NFL game Watson wanted to make it as special as possible and it appears he did just that.

Watson said, via the team’s website:

“It was her first NFL game, she’s about to head back overseas to start her season. She leaves tomorrow. It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while. I’ve been contemplating it. What a perfect time to do it: in our stadium, the first game, in front of a beautiful crowd. I’m not really a public person, but I just thought it would be something special that we could remember forever.”

This is the only knee a player should be getting down on when on the field. This is a family event that should be enjoyed and remembered in a positive light and not causing controversy. The left will do everything they can to ruin these positive moments which is why we need to push back.

Congratulations to Menelik Watson and his lovely fiance Azania Stewart on their new engagement!

H/T [ Denver Post ]

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