Star Hockey Player Just Risked His Career With What He Did To Soldier On Flight When He Thought Others Weren’t Looking

When is a sporting even not a sporting event? When it’s played in America by someone who the liberals think they can manipulate. It looks like even sports aren’t even safe from the backlash of the loud and obnoxious liberals. Whether they’re players (like Kaepernick) or some loud mouth fan that thinks they have a right to dictate a players life and political views, America somehow things that superior athletic ability somehow endows someone with political insight.

It may or may not give a different perspective, but it does mean that you’re much more in the public eye. Celebrities, athletes, and politicians can’t seem to go anywhere or do anything without people taking their pictures and making a scene. Sometimes that’s good, and sometimes not so much. Regardless, when you get the big paycheck, you get the big following in the public eye.

One high profile people watcher is a flight attendant that works for American Airlines. This attendant has no doubt seen many famous people, but she got the chance to see something truly touching on one of her flights with Chicago Blackhawks player Patrick Kane.

Via American Military News:

On Wednesday, an American Airlines flight attendant posted a photo of herself on Twitter posing with Chicago Blackhawks star Patrick Kane to commend the NFL player for being a “class act” after he gave up his first class seat for a soldier.

Teri Truss, a flight attendant from Columbus, Ohio, tweeted out a picture of her and Kane with the caption “Patrick Kane from the BLACKHAWKS gave up his 1st Class seat to a SOLDIER…what a class act… ”

“He said, ‘There’s a soldier on this flight,’ and I said ‘Yeah, OK?’” Truss told CBS Chicago. “He said, ‘I would like for him to sit up front, and I would like to give him my first-class seat, and I’ll go to the back.’ I’m like, ‘Are you sure?’ He said ‘yes,’ and I was like, ‘Perfect, great opportunity.’”

Truss told CBS Chicago that Kane was “awesome.” She also said the serviceman was grateful for the seat and appeared to enjoy the flight.

Kane isn’t the only celebrity Truss has had the opportunity to meet and take a picture with this week. On Friday, Truss tweeted out a picture of her and famous American zookeeper Jack Hanna.

“Look at JACK [HANNA] on my aircraft I was worried he had a bunch of animals…he said ‘I like u, you’re funny,’” she tweeted. “I like u 2 but not Rodents.”

This guy knows there are things more important than his own comfort, a concept that is lost on many in our world today. Showing appreciation to someone wearing a uniform who protects the country is far more important than a little bit more leg room. This athlete isn’t the one that tweeted the picture, and there’s no evidence that he did any of this for glory, he just seems to have seen the soldier walking down the aisle boarding, and decided to do something nice for him.

This situation could have gone very differently, the way it did when one loud mouth liberal professor said that giving up a seat for a service member “made him sick.” This guy got a lot of press and tried to make those giving up their seats feel badly for what they did. Unfortunately for him, the only thing that it seemed to do was prove that he was crazy, and remind people that this would be a nice gesture to make toward our service men and women.

On air flights, as in life, the best thing to do is to do the right thing and leave the results up to God. No one has said who the soldier was, or where he was headed, but the fact that he wore the uniform means that he promised to defend each of us at great personal risk. It could have gone well or it could have gone badly, but Kane did what his conscience prompted him to do, and someone decided to give him props for it. Of course, that’s not why we should do good things, but in a world of Kaepernick’s and Kardashians, it’s nice to see a Kane with a sense of gratitude and honor.

(Source: American Military News)

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