Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz Who Hates Traditional Marriage Supporters Just Endorsed This Candidate!

Another Wall Street one per center has decided to endorse Hillary Clinton. This time it is Howard Schultz, the Chief Executive Officer of Starbucks who endorsed her this past Wednesday.

Schultz is one of the most politically active and outspoken executives in the country by he has refused to endorse until now. He was stuck between endorsing Hillary Clinton or Dinald Trump.


He told Poppy Harlow in a Facebook Live interview,

Hopefully Hillary Clinton will be elected president.”

This was just prior to the CNNMoney American Opportunity conference in New York. Schultz in the past has labeled himself a lifelong Democrat and previously endorsed President Obama in both his 2008 and 2012 Presidential campaigns. According to the Center for Responsive Politics he donated money to the 2008 presidential campaign too.

He has also vaguely and ambiguously insinuated that he will run for political office, even the White House one day. Referencing his youthful age. He has a long history of civic engagement and being civically active isn’t something that’s fresh for him. Last spring, he told shareholders in a speech that he believes the opportunities he took advantage of that helped him gain the American Dream are falling out of grasp for the average American.

Considering his background in politics and the publically vocal way he has conducted himself this endorsement is not at all shocking. It also is not surprising because of her long history with Wall Street. She practically has them all on the payroll. In reality they are just in her back pocket. It would not be a surprise either if she paid these executives to endorse her. However, that isn’t necessarily a good thing because many people do not like it when wealthy billionaires endorse presidential candidates because it makes them look out of touch.

That is certainly the case now.


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