WATCH: Starbucks Employees Call Police On Customer Requesting Name ‘Trump’ On Coffee Cup (VIDEO)

A Starbucks employee refused to write the name “Trump” on a customers cup. Then requested that another employee call the police.

This is literally the most stupid thing I have ever seen (today) and this is not even worth making a story out of.

The cops don’t care. They’re not investigating this because there’s no crime.

The guy who won’t write “Trump” must be having the worst day of his life. He’s earning low wages to do easy labor, write some stupid names on cups for people, and send them on their way. If writing “Trump” on a cup is all it takes for good customer service, then just do it. Who cares? Doesn’t make or break your day and you can go home and tell people how many random weirdos came in asking for “Trump” cups at your barista register boy job.

Watch this video. Out of the four people in it, there is one hero. You’ll see below.

Hannity – Over the past several weeks, some customers have decided to use the name “Trump” when they order their coffee–and it’s not sitting well with some Starbucks employees.

In one Florida Starbucks, employees went as far as to call the police on a man who made such a demand.

“That’s the name I want to be heard and seen as today,” the customer told the man behind the cash register. “And you’re refusing to do that?”

“Yeah,” was the reply. “And we’re calling the cops.”

The guy who wants “Trump” on the cup sounds like a dick. Sorry fellas, he’s a jerk off. No reason to blow this up except to look cool on a viral video. Look at the guy behind the counter. It seems like he hates this job and doesn’t want anything to do with being there. Leave the poor liberal job hating register button pusher alone. He isn’t bothering anyone.


You have your viral video, but you seem like a prick and you’re giving Trump a bad reputation.

The chick in the video doesn’t care. She could care less about the register boy, the customer, etc. DOES NOT CARE!


The guy who calls the cops, or acts like he’s calling the cops, is the hero in this video. He gives a hilarious wave and a smile. He doesn’t care either. He’s having a great day and this is the most excitement he’s seen in a Starbucks since the girl in gray yoga pants walked out with her Berry Sangria. My goodness, Starbucks around here always has someone attractive in it. I can’t stress enough that if you’re single, then you should go there with a laptop and act like you have work to do. You’re bound to walk out of there with a handy.


Here’s a few Starbucks Trump cups and then there’s mine. Ironically, I went there today and you’d think I was a transgender wearing purple UGGS by what I ordered.


trump-cup-2 trump-cup

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