Starbucks Harasses Trump-Supporting Woman – Horrified At What They Open Their Doors To Next Day

A woman was recently harassed and mocked when she walked into a Charlotte Starbucks while wearing a Trump shirt. The Starbucks employees ragged her due to her right wing political support for President Donald Trump. Employees shouted things like “build a wall” and then basically shoved the drink towards her in a “get the f*ck out of here” fashion you would see from people like far-left liberal Antifa boys. It was horribly rude and embarrassing behavior by Starbucks employees all because they didn’t agree with the woman’s Trump shirt.

Didn’t take long to go viral.

What happens when Trump supporters see one of their own get tormented? They rally up the troops and show support. People found out about what happened to Kayla Hart and showed up at the Starbucks location to show their strength in numbers. Trump supporters arrived in Trump gear and hung out for a while. No screaming or yelling, just a real peaceful protest. The Trump supporters didn’t break windows or light fires like the most-likely-to-be-transgender Antifa people. They didn’t attack anyone like Black Lives Matter. They just showed up and hung out to show support. It was what a peaceful protest should be.

Kayla Hart was mocked and ridiculed by employees at a Charlotte, North Carolina, Starbucks last week because she dared to wear a Trump t-shirt.

“They shouted out build a wall and shoved a drink at me and then all the Barista’s [sic] in the back started cracking up laughing,” Hart previously told Fox 46.

The employees who work at the Starbucks I’m ironically sitting in right now, writing about Starbucks, don’t act anything like the goons she encountered. The employees here are super friendly and don’t care if I walk in with Trump himself and order something. They wouldn’t care. Maybe the people at Kayla Hart’s Starbucks are all transgender or super liberal idiots.

Hart’s treatment by Starbucks staffers quickly went viral, and when fellow Trump supporters caught wind of it, they decided to do something. But they didn’t launch a boycott or hold a violent “Antifa”-style protest that has been seen recently by far-left activists.

You’ve seen the trouble at Berkeley, right? The violence and destruction all created by far-left Antifa goons. They all decided to emerge from their parent’s basement and see sunlight for the first time. It apparently drives them crazy. It’s like vampires waking up in the afternoon by accident.

The Trump supporters went to the Starbucks with hats, pins, signs, and shirts. They hung out to show support and give a message. They should’ve called Donald himself and had him order one of those really gay Unicorn drinks that look like they would cause diabeetus in a horse.

Now here’s the embarrassing part. The Trump supporters staged a sit-in at the Starbucks. Sorry, but if you did that and weren’t ordering something, then you’re acting like a liberal. Stay outside and don’t disrupt business as usual. Do you remember when House Democrats staged a sit-in and people Photoshopped their faces with pacifiers? Let’s not act like that. Stand outside and wave and honk car horns, but don’t actually disrupt a business. That’s something leftists would do. I give this protest a score of 7/10. It was nice to show support, but always remember what democrat protesters do and don’t act like them.

Daniel Herrera, responded with pure class to the Starbucks controversy, telling the news station:

“Even though this business may be democrat or liberal, they are part of our city, part of us. Why can’t we just go out there have a conversation with them, a friendly conversation and speak about what we agree or disagree on and just start working together?”

Working together is what people really want. Most people just want the best for the country, but it requires tolerance, patience, and sanity – most of which the liberals don’t have anymore. The left has gone down a tunnel that’s equivalent to the butthole of a whale. They’re neck deep in stupid sh*t they can’t swim out of. The left is losing at every stage of the government and they can’t figure out why. They need to take a look at the man in the mirror if they’re gonna make a change for the rest of their lives.

It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white. You know who’s bad? The people who don’t get it. I see this pretty young thing walk into a Starbucks and get harassed and people show up to support her without burning the place down? Who’s bad now? What a thriller to see that level of support for people.

The way leftists make me feel is that they don’t care about us. They won’t stop until they get enough chaos and you can’t heal the world like that. Trump supporters are not alone and the maniac liberals really need to beat it. If they wanna be starting something, then they’ve picked the wrong country to do it in.

Remember the time this girl was harassed at Starbucks and the supporters came out for her without burning down the building. That was amazing support. Trump supporters shouldn’t stop till you get enough.

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