HOLY CRAP! Look At What Just Happened At Starbucks And It Was All Caught On Video — TRUMP IS LAUGHING!

Donald Trump issued an executive order banning travel into the United States for residents from seven Muslim countries. It didn’t take long for liberals to lose their minds over the order; they began to protest in airports around the world, and federal judges moved to overturn the executive order. Then Starbucks got involved — and it backfired on them massively.

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz responded to Trump’s executive order by announcing that they would hire 10,000 refugees. Trump supporters immediately mobilized, organizing a boycott of Starbucks. Within hours, #BoycottStarbucks was trending on social media, and other rival coffee companies were moving to take advantage of Starbucks’ misstep.

One Trump supporter took a video in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In the video, you can see a very long line for Caribou Coffee… while Starbucks sits empty across the street.

Apparently, people would rather wait in line than give their money to a liberal, anti-American company like Starbucks. And it shows — Starbucks stock has plummeted since their refugee announcement:


It may make liberals feel good to offer jobs to refugees, but Americans overwhelmingly agree with Trump’s executive order in poll after poll. Starbucks really made a big mistake here, and they’re paying for it right where it hurts: in the wallet.

Maybe Schultz can take the opportunity to learn from this. Mixing politics with business? It’s never a good idea.

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