It Started With Syria, Now Look Who’s Next For Tomahawk Missile Attack After What They Did

It Started With Syria, Now Look Who's Next For Tomahawk Missile Attack After What They Did

The world was given a big wake-up call last night that America is back and the apology tour in the Middle East is over after President Trump dropped 59 missiles on Syria. Human atrocity and terrorism are no longer going to be tolerated and the U.S. is in the first position of world power against the evil that has infected this earth. This bold move put others on notice of what they can expect if they spit in the face of foreign policy and continue to kill innocent people. Now, we know what country has tomahawk rain showers in their forecast after what they just did.

America’s reputation of greatness dissolved under two terms of Barack Obama who was either too afraid to take action, or didn’t want to offend his Middle Eastern friends. In turn, terrorism has become a prolific problem and power has been transferred into our enemies’ hands. They knew that there would be no recourse taken against their actions as long as Obama was in charge and willing to help fund it too.

Israel is our country’s greatest Middle Eastern ally who has been at war for years with their Palestinian neighbors who are open about bringing them down. They couldn’t get help with from the former Commander-in-Chief who even double-downed his disregard for them by giving millions to the Palestinian Authority on his way out of office. However, Trump doesn’t play that game and has a deep respect for Israel who he wants to help.

As reported by World Israel News, “A Palestinian terrorist rammed his car into IDF soldiers at a bus station near the Israeli community of Ofra, in the Binyamin region of Samaria, murdering one and wounding another. The terrorist reportedly drove along route 60, a main route in the area, searching for victims. He drove past the bus stop, and after spotting the soldiers, made a U-turn and rammed his car into them. The terrorist was arrested by other soldiers present on site and taken into custody.”

This is just one of the latest in the ongoing assault against innocent Israelis who now have an advocate they haven’t had in years. While it’s not our job or intention to be the world’s police, if there is any chance of peace in the Middle East, it’s up to America to stand up against evil, which Trump has vowed to do.

There is only one way to attack terrorism and that’s with assertive action and making good on campaign promises, which Trump has proved to do. After last night’s bombing in Syria, we woke up to a new America. Eight years of allowing outlaw nations to grow in power while the world’s only superpower went into hibernation, has officially ended. Syrian rebels and Palestinian terrorists have both poked that bear awake and the world took notice. The U.S. has returned to Reagan-era style leadership of getting things done.

Last night, President Trump proved America has regained our position of power. Egregious acts will no longer go unchecked and it’s time for Palestine to pay the price for what they continue to do to Israel.

h/t: [Allen B. West]

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