State Approves Resolution That Requires Residents To Compensate Blacks For Slavery


Admittedly, I’ve never understood the case for reparations for slavery. America has given reparations in the past, such as to the Japanese who were interned during WWII. That’s different however, as they were only given to those directly affected. It’s not like we’re still paying them reparations to their descendants.

When it comes to slavery, things are different. Why should we pay reparations to pay for the sins of the 1.4% of Americans who owned slaves over 150 years ago, apparently. Not only did you not benefit from slavery in any way — most Americans didn’t — and those who did saw all the wealth created by slavery destroyed by the Civil War.

How exactly would reparations for slavery work logistically, anyway? My ancestors didn’t immigrate to America until the 1930s, so would I be exempt as I don’t have any connection to slavery down my family tree? And what about blacks who are the descendants of other blacks who came to America after slavery was abolished? Will they get reparations? And what about people who are bi-racial? Are they only eligible for fifty percent? What about someone who believes that they’re “trans-racial” like Rachel Dolezal?

I’ve never seen any advocate of reparations actually be able to answer those answer those questions, but that hasn’t stopped the crazies in our government to think it’s a great idea. As the Conservative Post reported, one State just passed a resolution that believes reparations are needed.

According to recent reports, a group of commissioners from Dallas just passed a Juneteenth resolution that commemorated the day slaves in Texas earned their freedom.

The resolution reportedly also claims that black people should be receiving reparations for slavery.

Breitbart recently reported that Commissioner John Wiley Price authored the resolution. It “included a long list of injustices endured by blacks, from slavery to Jim Crow to predatory lending practices.

Then, in its final paragraph, it declared that the suffering of African-Americans should be ‘satisfied with monetary and substantial reparations.’”

Reports indicate that Price wrote the resolution after he read an article outlining why American should pay reparations to black people.

The resolution passed. An hour later, the commissioners complained that they had not seen the language in the bill.

Yes, the man who inserted this resolution did so because of a magazine article he read one time. You’d think maybe he’d want to read a few articles, or even a few books for some balanced perspective? Apparently not.

What do you think? We’re all descendants of people who’ve suffered in some way, should you all be entitled to some kind of reparations? If we accept their “logic,” there’s no end to the number of people who are entitled to some kind of reparations.