State Department Just Admitted Obama LIED, $400 Million To Iran Was Ransom

The White House has continuously and vociferously denied accusations that President Obama paid Iran $400 million for the return of American Navy men taken as hostages some time ago. However, new reports and facts continue to resurface indicating the $400 million was ransom.

The New York Post reported,

“The State Department admitted Thursday that the US would not hand over $400 million in cash to Iran until it released four American hostages — two weeks after President Obama insisted the payment was not a “ransom.”

State Department spokesman John Kirby was asked at Thursday’s press briefing: “In basic English, you’re saying you wouldn’t give them $400 million in cash until the prisoners were released, correct?”

“That’s correct,” Kirby replied.”

Watch the video here,

At a August 4th press conference President Obama had vehemently denied these random allegations saying,

“We do not pay ransom. We didn’t here, and we won’t in the future. Families know we have a policy that we don’t pay ransom. And the notion that we would somehow start now, in this high-profile way, and announce it to the world, even as we’re looking in the faces of other hostage families whose loved ones are being held hostage, and saying to them ‘We don’t pay ransom,’ defies logic.”

It’s been interesting to watch this story surface. Some of you may recall, we announced these payments in January. Many months ago. There wasn’t a secret. We announced them to all of you. [Press secretary Josh Earnest] did a briefing on them. This wasn’t some nefarious deal. It wasn’t a secret. We were completely open with everybody about it and it is interesting to me how suddenly this became a story again.”

In the past Obama and the State Department have denied a connection between the $400 million and the hostages yet the video plainly shows him admitting their is a connection. So which is it?

The money is clearly contingent upon the release of American hostages which is basically the same as paying a ransom. Arguing otherwise would be a semantics game. This puts the lives of all Americans travelling abroad in danger because criminals, terrorists, and rogue governments will believe all they need to do is kidnap Americans to get a hefty monetary remuneration.

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