State Dept Official Just Exposed SICK Thing She Caught Obama Secretly Doing With Muslims In The White House

As liberals around the country continue to lose their minds over President Trump’s temporary migrant ban, one D.C. insider is stepping forward with disturbing information about the refugee program she helped oversee under Barrack Obama. Now that President Trump is president, this retired U.S. State Department official is able to speak freely, without fear of exposing the disturbing events  she witnessed under the last president. And what she is revealing about Obama and his refugee program will send chills down your spine.

Speaking to WND, this recently retired whistle blower outlined the highly-sickening things that took place in the refugee program under the direct leadership and direction of Barack Obama.  And what Mary Doetsch is revealing is so chilling, it will prove exactly why President Trump’s travel ban is our only viable option for keeping America safe.

Starting out, Doetsch said that she “fully supports” the President’s travel ban, but says that she doesn’t think that it goes far enough to adequately safeguard America from terrorists. Here is her letter in full that exposes just what a load of treasonous crap Obama’s program truly was, and how Obama gave zero regard to keeping our country safe.

Part of the Doetsch’s Letter:

As a recently retired 25-year veteran of the U.S. Department of State who served almost eight years as a refugee coordinator throughout the Middle East, Africa, Russia and Cuba, I have seen first-hand the abuses and fraud that permeate the refugee program and know about the entrenched interests that fight every effort to implement much-needed reform. Despite claims of enhanced vetting, the reality is that it is virtually impossible to vet an individual who has no type of an official record, particularly in countries compromised by terrorism. U.S. immigration officials simply rely on the person’s often rehearsed and fabricated “testimony.” I have personally seen this on hundreds of occasions.

As a refugee coordinator, I saw the exploitations, inconsistencies and security lapses in the program, and I advocated strongly for change. Nonetheless, during the past decade and specifically under the Obama administration, the Refugee Admissions Program continued to expand blindly, seemingly without concern for security or whether it served the best interests of its own citizens. For instance, the legally questionable resettlement of refugees from Malta to the United States grew substantially, despite the fact that as a European country with a functioning asylum system, “refugees” should have remained there under the internationally accepted concept of “the country of first asylum.” Similarly, the “special” in-country refugee programs in Cuba and Russia continue, although they are laden with fraud and far too often simply admit economic migrants rather than actual refugees.

Doetsch then concluded her letter by saying that U.S. courts need to immediately implement President Trump’s order, much to the demise of liberal idiots across the nation and within our own government who continue to advocate for potential terrorists.

So there you have it from the horse’s mouth. Who on planet earth is more qualified to form an opinion about our refugee program than someone who was there witnessing the corruption on a daily basis? Hopefully this woman’s words will be heeded and not only will President Trump’s ban be honored, but hopefully President Trump will put even more safeguards in place, as this woman asserts that just a temporary ban isn’t nearly enough to keep America safe.

H/T [Gateway Pundit]

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