State Forces Welfare Leeches to Volunteer 6 Hours a Week… Then THIS Happens Immediately


From Conservative Tribune: Welfare recipients in the state of Maine got some bad news when Gov. Paul LePage recently imposed a three-month limit on benefits for able-bodied adults without dependents.

This limit is only enforced if the affected beneficiaries refuse to volunteer six hours a week, work at a paying job for at least 20 hours per week, or enroll in some sort of job training program.

Soon after this rule went into effect, over 80 percent of those receiving welfare were cut off because they refused to get a job, learn a new skill or otherwise contribute to society in any way.

The number of welfare recipients plunged to 2,530 from about 12,000. If these people really needed the government benefits, they could easily have found a way to volunteer, at least.

Predictably, liberals are busy crying their eyes out over how unfair the law is. Ed Bolen, a senior policy analyst at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, said, “It means life gets tougher for those childless adults who face barriers already getting back into work.” (H/T Young Conservatives)

He went on to claim that many adults have a limited education, and the job market is very poor in this economy.

Oh, please.

The law clearly states that getting a job isn’t the only avenue to welfare. Volunteering for 6 hours a week or enrolling in school are other options. Maybe they could fix that “limited education” by going back to school.

Just because the economy isn’t great doesn’t mean there aren’t places to volunteer. Try the local library. Try a soup kitchen. Try getting off the couch for a change. You’d be amazed at what could happen.

Instead of pulling themselves off their couch and actually trying to contribute to society, these people just want to sit around and get paid. They don’t deserve any government money, and now thanks to Gov. Paul LePage, they won’t get any.

Times are tough all around. But that doesn’t stop the majority of hard working Americans from doing what it takes to get by. We work, we sacrifice, we succeed.

Anyone can do it. All it takes is a little focus on giving instead of taking.

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