This State Just SURRENDERED To Muslims’ SICK Sharia Law – NOW Look What’s Happening

This State Just SURRENDERED To Muslim's SICK Sharia Law - NOW Look What's Happening

The world is watching as America returns to our previous respected position as the superpower among all other countries. Barack Obama had knocked us off that pedestal by depleting our military and catering to Muslims. President Donald Trump has taken over with a vengeance to get the U.S. back on track, by bombing terrorists in Syria and Afghanistan. Now he may need to focus on what’s happening in one state in the homeland before the horror of Sharia Law spreads across the nation.

The effort of eliminating the infection of Islam from our country has been sweeping and assertive since Trump took office. He hasn’t stopped rooting out the evil since he started, including giving 4,801 Somali Muslim criminals the boot. This comes after a number of executive orders banning travel from terrorist-tied nations. Every move will make America great again, but one state just went against our president and their citizens relying on the local government to keep them safe from atrocities, opting instead for what Muslims want and it doesn’t get worse than this.

Governor Bullock of Montana just settled the war of cowboys versus Muslims in his state over Sharia Law, by surrendering to it when he vetoed the bill that would prevent it from being enforcible. Republican representatives had fought to stop it, but in the end, Bullock called the shots, saying that there was no need for a bill to prevent Sharia from being legal in their state – paving the way to horrific treatment of women and kids under the cover of religious right.

As we previously reported of the Republican’s fight for a bill that would prohibit state courts from applying “foreign law” (Sharia Law): “Democrats claim it’s meant to unfairly target Muslims, while conservatives speak up for what’s right for American people by pointing out that it will just ensure that our Constitution is honored rather than being run over by one religion.”

This comes after citizens begged and pleaded for a ban on Sharia, saying, “We have allowed legal immigrants, illegal immigrants, and now refugees to take advantage of our law and culture to take up their own agendas,” concerned citizen Sandy Montgomery said. “They have no intention to abide by our laws, nor are they interested in assimilating to our culture.”

Now that their governor turned their back on them the outrage over the issue has only intensified. Their concerns were ignored and rather than acting in the best interested of the people and per the constitution, he seemed to be more concerned with political correctness which is what Muslims constantly take advantage of.

The Angry Patriot Movement has more:

“It is unbelievable to think that Montana’s so-called governor is okay with this nonsense. The blood of our fellow patriots will be on his hands. This coward is merely trying to avoid a leftist character assassination. This is so sad.”

Had this been a law to prevent any other religion from gaining dominance over people, Democrats would be demanding that it pass and wreaking havoc on city streets if they were denied. The only religion they defend is the one who doesn’t care about their “bleeding hearts” and would allow for a man to consummate marriage to a child as young as 9, women who have been raped not to testify against their attackers, and the stoning of homosexuals who liberals say they stand up for, all under Sharia Law — just to name a few rules.

This seems like a deliberate move to take back control from our president who is making huge moves against Muslims. It’s not about being bigoted, it’s about preserving the sanctity of our constitution which can’t coexist with sharia law, just like followers of Islam can’t — and won’t — coexist with Americans. As the country takes three steps forward under Trump, liberal leaders force people in their states to take two defiant steps back.

Amanda Shea is a political aficionado and curator of current events, who covers all issues of importance for conservatives. She brings attention and insight from what happens in the White House to the streets of American towns, because it all has an impact on our future, and the country left for our children. She writes with unfiltered truth, mixed with wit where it’s appropriate, and feels that journalism shouldn’t be censored.

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