State Police Reveals Damning Info About Obama Admin’s Role in ‘Missing’ Syrian Refugee Situation (VIDEO)


From IJReview: Within days of the first Syrian refugees being dropped off in Louisiana, word leaked out that at least one of those refugees was missing.

According to Baton Rouge station WBRZ, Catholic Charities, the group helping resettle refugees in Louisiana, said it was not their job to track them once they arrived.

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According to Lousiana state police Major Doug Paine, state officials found out about the situation by watching a local news broadcast.

Jindal issued an executive order Monday refusing any more refugees. State police did find the missing refugee, who had settled out of state.

But what was the Obama administration’s role in all of this?

Paine states that the federal government refused to work with state officials to rectify the situation. There is no indication that the federal government was even aware of it.

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The main concern according to Jindal, as well as several other governors who have voiced apprehension about taking in Syrian refugees, is whether or not the federal government is properly screening refugees before shipping them to various states:

  • COLORADO (5) — “Colorado’s governor isn’t ruling out Syrian refugees. But Gov. John Hickenlooper says the federal government needs to make sure the verification process for refugees is ‘as stringent as possible.’”
  • GEORGIA (57) — “Gov. Nathan Deal says the state will not accept Syrian refugees. He also asked the Obama administration to work with Georgia officials to confirm the backgrounds of Syrian refugees already resettled in Georgia.”
  • IDAHO (27) — “Gov. C.L. ‘Butch’ Otter has joined a growing number of Republican governors calling for the immediate halt of resettling new refugees until vetting rules can be reviewed and state concerns about the program can be addressed.”
  • MASSACHUSETTS (62) — “Gov. Charlie Baker says he would have to know a lot more about the federal government’s vetting process before allowing more Syrian refugees into Massachusetts. Boston Mayor Marty Walsh echoed Baker, saying he also wants to know more about the screening process.”

Additionally, the FBI assessed that a lack of information can makeeffective screenings all but impossible:

When these concerns are taken together, it appears that many feel the United States needs to reevaluate the screening process.

At the time of publication, governors of 27 states had announced that their borders would be closed to Syrian refugees.


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