Statue of Liberty Just Went Completely Dark And Now There’s A Celebration For What Caused It

You have to hand it to feminists and liberals for their creativity in twisting the news. Just hand them a news story and before you know it they will somehow twist it to make everyone a bigot, racist, or homophobe. I mean it really has become an art form. For example, the Statue of Liberty’s lights went out last night. No big deal, right? Well, according to feminists it was a reason for celebration.

Feminists were thrilled when the Statue of Liberty’s light went out and took it as some sort of sign. These women believe that it was in protest of President Donald Trump or a show of solidarity for the “Day Without a Woman” strike Wednesday.

“A sign of the times,” Kaivan Shroff posted on Twitter.

Shannon Woodward wrote in a post that the lights were off “in honor of tomorrow’s A DAY WITHOUT A WOMAN.”

Anna Mahalak tweeted that it was because “Trump has plunged our country into darkness.”

Oh, but this is my favorite one of them all.

Ok, let’s clear one thing up libs. This was not a protest in any which way.

The lights were out for two hours and came back on shortly before midnight. The reason for the outage was quite simple and it may blow these feminists minds. It turns out that the nation’s most famous giant green lady went dark due to repair work from damage caused by, perhaps fittingly, a female whirlwind by the name of Hurricane Sandy.

Sorry libs, inanimate objects do not protest absurd causes no matter how much you wish they did.

This social media firestorm just proves how stupid these people are. It pisses me off that they can think out of the box for a power outage, but cannot string together a logical argument. The original suffragettes must be rolling over in their graves at this point. They protested and marched for women to be treated equal and go to work. These fools are protesting work by staying home and shirking their responsibilities.

Ironic, isn’t it?

H/T [ CNN ] <=== Yuck!

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