‘Spit On White People!’ Steve Harvey CAUGHT In Racist Rant On Shocking Tape

Talk show host Steve Harvey has been caught in an embarrassing scandal. A racist one nonetheless – Which is the opposite of his nice guy image. A lawsuit brought against Harvey by a former employee claims that the talk show host was caught on camera spewing hateful racist diatribes against white people and America.

A two month investigation by entertainment news company RadarOnline found that the former employee claims these racist diatribes took place on a regular basis. The owner of the recording is Joseph Cooper and he claimed that the tape shows Harvey yelling,

“I don’t give a s–t about America!”

In other tapes Cooper alleged that Harvey told fans to spit on white people and assault an old white woman. But Harvey filed a counter-suit against Cooper in which he accused him of using the video recording to try and extort $5 million from him. Court reports indicate that Cooper attempted to sell old recordings from Harvey’s comedy routines from over two decades ago.

Harvey stated the following in the documents,

“Mr. Cooper has initiated a campaign to essentially extort me, coerce me and embarrass me as I started to build my entertainment career.”

Harvey’s lawyer told Radaronline that,

“virtually every time Harvey was hired for a television show [Cooper] would contact the owners or principals to inform them of potentially embarrassing material and or tapes and attempt to have them influence Harvey to pay for the tapes. [Cooper] has repetitively communicated to Harvey how sensitive [he] believes these tapes are and how release and publication of the tapes could adversely affect Harvey’s career.”

Cooper told Radaronline that Harvey is one of the worst people on television ever and that the audio recordings are highly sensitive. Yet he refuses to give them to the media. Apparently he has 120 hours with of tapes starting in 1993 when Harvey worked at the Comedy Club in Dallas, Texas.


Now, Harvey has an entertainment empire of $100 million which includes his radio, television and book publishing businesses. Cooper is suing Harvey for $20 million which began in 2014. Harvey admitted in court documents that the tapes contain edgier humor than he ordinarily uses on his family oriented show.

“I didn’t have to concern myself with branding or imaging or anything. You could just say — I thought I was funnier,” Harvey said.

Cooper says that Harvey called white people honkies. On another tape he allegedly says it will take half an hour to tell everyone how much he hates white people. His ex-wife Mary accused him of cheating all the time, of bigamy and abuse. In 2002 he had a profanity laden showdown with Jesse Jackson where he used the N-word.

Whatever comes of the lawsuit does not bode well for Harvey’s empire.

Jeff Rainforth also contributed to this article.

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