Stewardesses Just Told They Must Wear Hijabs To Appease Muslims — Their Response Is BRILLIANT!

A western airline reportedly is forcing stewardesses to wear hijabs when they fly over and to Iran. Reportedly this is to appease their Muslim customers. However, the women who were being forced into this didn’t like it and had the best response ever.

While stewardesses are not traditionally mandated to wearing something in particular despite having a dress code, they are being mandated to don hijabs and a long cloak that covers their legs when onboard the flight to Tehran.

Air France is one airline looking to impose sharia law. Stewardesses are standing in defiance. A union representative for the flight crew wrote a letter seeking assistance from feminist Laurence Rossignol. This feminist formerly said that forcing women to lawfully wear hijabs is the same as black people who supported slavery. She believes American government should discourage this oppressive behavior.

SNPNC flight crew union head Christophe Pillet let it be known the stewardesses were refusing to wear the headscarves. They are refusing to wear them as part of their official uniform. Finally, someone is sticking up for themselves and this time they have the unions to help them.

Pillet stated the following,

“Female staff do not wish to have dress regulations imposed on them, especially the obligation to wear an Air France scarf that completely covers their hair as soon as they leave the plane.”

Others and other countries do not have a right to impose illegal measures on American citizens simply because they are flying into their country. If airlines weren’t so busy doing the politically correct thing then they would likely keep their valuable employees for longer periods of time. Sharia law has no place in America or western society. Which includes almost all of Europe. These stewardesses have every right to stand up for themselves. And they are.

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