Stewardesses Told To Wear Hijabs To Appease Muslims, They Have 1 Response..THIS IS AWESOME!

Fantastic! This is what we need to stand up to Islamo-loving, politically correct, leftist group-think… Strong women who… Just Say No!

These classy ladies just B-TCH slapped their Islamic ass-kissing employer. Big ups to them! We need more women like that in America!

A Western airline recently told its stewardesses that they must wear Islamic head coverings when flying to Iran, in order to appease their Muslim customers. However, instead of bowing to Sharia and cowering to Islamic misogyny, the female flight attendants banded together and gave a response worthy of a standing ovation.

Although Air France stewardesses have the choice of wearing a uniform with a skirt or trousers, the airline has declared that they will now be forced to don hijabs and a long cloak that covers their legs when traveling aboard on flights to and from Tehran, Iran.

Air France has decided to impose Sharia law, which requires women living in many Islamic countries to cover their hair, as it is considered a shameful sexual display. While leftists would expect the flight attendants to simply kowtow to this religious requirement without question, the female workers have stood in defiance of the political standard.

The Telegraph reports that the UNAC, a union representing the flight crews, wrote to family oriented feminist Laurence Rossignol for assistance. Rossignol has opposed the lawfully required hijab, stating that women who wear veils or Islamic headscarves are akin to “negroes who supported slavery.” She demands not only that women be given a right to choose not to wear the hijab, but that Western government should discourage such oppressive behavior.

SNPNC flight crew union head Christophe Pillet has voiced the stewardesses’ refusal to wear the religious scarf, declaring that while they might be legally required to wear head coverings in Iran off the job, they refuse to wear them as part of their official uniform.

“Female staff do not wish to have dress regulations imposed on them,” Pillet said, “especially the obligation to wear an Air France scarf that completely covers their hair as soon as they leave the plane.”

Stewardesses Told To Wear Hijabs To Appease Muslims, They Have 1 Response

Stewardesses have always had the option of wearing either a skirt or trousers, but now the airline demands they wear head coverings and cloaks.

“It is not our role to pass judgement on the wearing of headscarves or veils in Iran,” Flore Arrighi, head of the UNAC, reiterated. “What we are denouncing is that it is being made compulsory. Stewardesses must be given the right to refuse these flights.”

The stewardesses understand that this isn’t simply a change in dress code, but a demand that they adhere to a political and religious ideology’s requirements. This order to obey Islamic Sharia law is perhaps the first legislated misogyny implemented in countries with growing Muslim populations. To see a free, modernized, secular Western nation like France bow to one minority’s medieval requirements is a sign of the fall of democracy to Islam.

Françoise Redolfi, a representative of the UNSA union, admitted that Air France was reinstating rules it held before Iran discontinued their flights after 2008, but that the flight attendants were not willing to go back to the previous terms.

“The general environment now is much more sensitive,” she said. “Many female members of flight crews have informed us that it is out of the question that they be obliged to wear headscarves. It is not professional and they see it as an insult to their dignity.”

Although not every Islamic country requires women to wear the hijab or veil, it is still a symbol of gender apartheid, feminine oppression, and submission to Islamic law. It is far too common that Western nations are forced to “tolerate” Sharia as it stands in Muslim countries, yet they do not extend this respect in return.

Muslims use our freedom and democracy to battle for the right to wear face coverings in public places, citing that it should be their choice to don the obstructive religious gear wherever they please. However, it is the fact that these same women have no choice in their home countries that reveals how one-sided this religious freedom is.

There should undeniably be tolerance for religious freedoms in our own free countries, but what about the freedoms of these stewardesses? Muslims come to the West expecting us to assimilate to their foreign customs and laws, just as they expect us to submit when we come to their countries. What should be a two-way street of tolerance is taken advantage of for the further spreading of their own oppressive culture.

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